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Bet Newcastle – You Won't Be Backing the Underdog

When you Bet Newcastle you know you are backing a team with a great wealth of experience in UK football. If you have never wagered with an online sports book, it is time to enter a new era, and bet Newcastle the modern way. The growth in the popularity of betting this way proves that more and more punters have realized just how easy and convenient it actually is. Simply register at a site with a brand name you know and trust, make sure you are happy with the bonuses and odds they offer and place a wager on your favourite team right before the match starts, or even when the team is already in play.

The UEFA Champions League is underway currently – they are going into the quarter finals; it is always more fun to wager on the outcome of football tournaments as this really tests your knowledge of the game. Although you won't be able to bet Newcastle this time around, there are still three British Teams in it with a chance to win. Hopefuls are Chelsea and Manchester United; they contested the 2008 final in Moscow in 2008, where Man U collected their 3rd European crown, and Chelsea is desperate to lift the trophy! So, perhaps instead of a bet Newcastle, a Manchester United or Chelsea wager, might help keeps your hopes alive that a British team will win. Tottenham Hotspur has similar ambitions and they also have a remarkable first season under their belts. Cristiano Ronaldo is out at the moment and recovering from a hamstring injury. All of these factors and many more determine the knowledge required for successful football betting.

For any football match, when you bet Newcastle or any other team; there are obviously some bets that are more popular than others. There is a wealth of different bets to choose from and depending on the online sportsbook as well as the popularity of the event, there may be more, or different wagers available at different times. One of the most popular wagers placed to bet Newcastle is the straight bet and this generally goes for a win, draw or loss.

The best odds can nearly always be had – cheap at the price for a draw, as this is one of the most unlikely outcomes of any event. Placing a 10p wager at 100/1 on a draw might only cost you 10p and it could win you £10, but this is just an example. Again, for example, if a bet Newcastle sees them as a favourite the odds will be in the favour of the bookie not the bettor. So odds of 1/2 for example means you have to bet £2 to earn £1 on top of the bet. Therefore if you bet Newcasle on these odds, and place a wager of a tenner – you would get your £10 back plus an additional £5 if you won. Long odds are also given on the underdog, because their likelihood of winning is less, and a good example of long odds is the example we used for the draw.


The sports betting bonus

Going on Bet770 to place your online bet you will actualy enjoy enormous benefits. The sports bet bonus that you will recieve will allow you to bet more, and the first bet you do will be refund up to £20 of your bet. You can also win additional casinos bonuses through the generous offers from Bet770 room.

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